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How it works

Getting in touch with what your body craves can be transformative. We help you hear what your body has to say by translating your test results into a personalized nutrition plan. Personalized Nutrition testing kit and Habit Shake



You collect samples at home and send them to a lab.

Using the at-home kit, you collect your bio samples and send them via a pre-labeled package to Aegis, a CLIA and CAP certified lab. The Habit app makes your test process easy by stepping you through it with instructions and timers. Personalized Nutrition results



We use your test results to design a nutrition plan for you.

Your lab results and body metrics tell us about how your body responds to food. From this, using decision tree logic, we create your biology report and an easy-to-navigate eating plan that you'll have at your fingertips online and in the Habit app.

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