The future of nutrition is here

Feeling your best starts with what you put in your body. But eating right is easier said than done.

Habit is the brainchild of Neil Grimmer

Neil co-founded Plum Organics®, which turned the baby food industry on its head by replacing flavorless goop in jars with great-tasting, organic meals in pouches. Of course, in nurturing Plum, Neil experienced what a lot of new parents go through: His own well-being took a hit.

Neil still thought of himself as a skinny punk rocker turned triathlete. But when he looked in the mirror, he saw a middle-aged white dude with a dad bod that was threatening not just his self-esteem, but his longevity. After DNA and blood tests, he discovered that the best way back to a healthier, energized version of himself started with understanding his body's fundamental needs—and eating the types of foods and nutrients that his body asked for.

Twenty-five pounds lighter, and feeling better than ever, Neil founded Habit to change the world through food, once again – this time for grown-ups. He had made it easier for the youngest generation to feed their bodies what they needed, and now he would do the same for their parents and grandparents. He scoured the earth for the best science, wellness, design, tech and culinary partners he could find, to make his dream of personalized wellness through nutrition a reality. And so, Habit was born.

The leadership team

Neil Grimmer

Founder and CEO

Dr. Alan Greene , MD

Chief Health Strategist

Dr. Joshua Anthony , PhD

Founding CSO

Matt Town

General Counsel

Rob Singer


Kathrin Nikolussi

VP of Business Development

Angie Westbrock

VP of Operations

Our strategic advisory board

Lynda Deakin

Partner at IDEO & Managing Director of Food Studio

Eric Ryan

Co-Founder at OLLY & Method

Dave Scott, MS

Porter Gale