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Habit Personalized Nutrition Testing Kit

Get personalized
eating guidelines


Do you have 23andMe or
AncestryDNA test results?

The Habit kit tests your metabolism, DNA and body metrics. If you already have DNA results from 23andMe or AncestryDNA, we won’t need to retest your DNA and you can save $100.

*Currently not available in NY, NJ, and RI. Habit is not available for sale outside of the United States.

How It Works


Take the Test at Home

The Habit kit looks at more than 70 health markers, including ones from your metabolism and DNA.


Discover Your Unique Needs

Get seven reports about your biology, including how your body handles carbs, fats, and protein.


Feed the Best Version of You

No more guesswork. Your personalized nutrition plan is built from your own test results and translated into real foods and tailored recipes.

What's Included

A more complete analysis of you

Your eating plan considers the many factors that can influence your optimal nutrition, including your metabolism, DNA, body measurements, and activity level.

Backed by over 1000 scientific papers

Every nutrition recommendation we provide is supported by research that’s been rigorously reviewed by our PhD scientists.

Accelerate your progress with Habit Ally

Set yourself up for lasting success with Habit Ally, a five-week weight-loss program conveniently delivered to your phone via SMS text messaging.

How it works

  1. Meet Your Coach

    During your kickoff phone call, your dedicated coach will customize the program to better fit your mindset and motivation.

  2. Practice New Habits

    Learn evidence-based strategies for overcoming your unique challenges, like curbing sugar cravings when you're stressed.

  3. Keep Up the Success

    After 5 weeks of text guidance from your coach, like practical feedback on your meals, you'll know how to keep the momentum going.

Liesl and Jess's Habit Testimonial

Liesl & Jess's story

"Thank you for giving me my life back. The Habit test revealed what foods were right for our bodies and the nutrition guidelines showed us what we should be eating. We’ve lost a whole person between us, are more active and feel much more confident."

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Ready to take the first step to a better you?

*Disclaimer: Habit does not guarantee weight loss results and results will vary. Weight loss with Habit is designed for no more than 1-2 pounds per week as part of a calorie-controlled diet and will depend on your individual goals. Habit takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes biology-based nutrition recommendations, digital tools like food journaling, activity tracking with FitBit®, community support, digital meal plans and recipes, coaching from registered dietitians (through Habit Ally) and goal tracking.