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Habit Blog

The Habit journey is about unlocking the story your body has to tell.

And learning to eat by your own rules.

Want an inside look?

Caitlyn, our fearless UX leader’s wife, volunteered to share her Nutrition Test results with the world.

This is Caitlyn.

She’s a 32 year-old mother of three who’s tried everything from no-carb diets to cleanses, but none of it helped her feel healthier or lose weight.

When she got her Nutrition Test results, she was surprised…


It all starts with your Biology Report, where you learn your Habit Type, which gives you your best daily caloric breakdown of fats, carbs, and protein.

My Habit Type is Plant Seeker–it’s so different than how I was eating! I was on a protein and fat-centered diet.


You’ll see how flexible you can be with the amount and types of fats, carbs, and protein you eat.

I'm careful about what I eat, so I thought, 'Why would I be carrying any extra weight?'


You can always click a result to learn more about what it means.

It actually felt like a relief to learn that my body doesn't process fat very well–going lowfat was just about the only thing I hadn’t tried yet.


In your Nutrition Plan, you’ll find your own personalized nutrition blueprint.

It was helpful to see the portions on my ideal plates. I was eager to understand what eating more carbs would look like, since I’ve thought of carbs as negative. Now I realize carbs aren’t just starches–vegetables are carbs too.


We translate your recommendations into real foods and realistic portions so you’ll know what to eat–no calorie counting required.

I used to think, read, and stress about what to eat every day. Now all of that space in my brain is free to think about other things.


Your Food Groups show you what to eat and how much. You’ll also meet your Hero Foods–foods strong in the nutrients your body craves.

I printed out my food lists, put them on the fridge, and stocked up…


You’ll learn more about your ideal foods by clicking each Food Group card.

…now when I’m hungry I can just reach for something I KNOW is good for my body.


Your personal daily nutrient recommendations are based on your test results and factors like your gender and age.

Once I feel like I have my new food habits down, I’ll make sure I’m getting all my nutrients too.


If you like, you can set a weight loss goal and we’ll update your plan accordingly. You can also connect to Fitbit® and we’ll adjust your plan based on your Fitbit activity.

Setting my weight loss goal was super easy. It’s nice to be able to track progress like this. I’ve already lost some of that weight I couldn’t get rid of!*

* Results may vary.


If you live in the Bay Area, our talented chefs can translate your Habit Type, results, and preferences into fresh, personalized meals–delivered right to your door.*

It’s SO incredible to have delicious-looking meals just ready and waiting for me when I’m hungry.

*Are you outside the SF Bay Area? Get on our list and we’ll let you know when we start delivering in your area.


Habit Coaches are on hand to help you tailor your plan to your daily life, strategize next steps, and make healthy new habits.

Talking to my coach, Jessica, was really helpful. She helped me figure out what to focus on first.

Ready to start your own Habit journey?

To learn about your own unique biology and ideal way to eat, order your Nutrition Test Kit today.