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We're committed to helping people feel their best. So it feels good to hear that we're doing our job.

Anne M.


“About 6 months ago, I tried an eating plan that my aunt had tremendous success on. It was geared around eating healthy fats. She had lost a bunch of weight so I thought "I'll have what she's having!" I bought the book, I followed the eating plan…and I gained weight. Once I received my Habit Test Kit and got my results, I definitely had an "ah ha" moment. My results showed that I have a very low flexibility with fats, and I have DNA biomarkers that indicate I may be prone to gain weight. So what worked for her, definitely didn't work for me. Since eating for my Slow Seeker Habit Type, I lost the weight I'd gained because I'm now eating the right foods for my individual biology.“

Mike M.


“When I started eating the way Habit recommended, I really started feeling better after meals. I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better. It was a remarkable change! Habit has helped me take my performance to the next level, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for an improvement in health, performance, or body composition.“

Erika L.


“Weight loss is a part of my motivation but it’s not the only reason that I am doing this. For me, it’s not just about size, it’s about being healthier. I can eat my Habit meals and know that I am giving my body the right foods and the nutrients that it needs. It keeps me from being tempted to eat the wrong thing. And fortunately with the combination of eating right, exercising, and generally trying to be healthier, I've also lost weight.“

Kevin W.


“I've really enjoyed learning which macronutrients suit my body best. I had been feeling that my body wasn't doing well on a protein-rich diet, but all the blogs I read and friends I spoke to swore by protein and so I was wary of experimenting with my nutrition. My Habit test showed me clearly that my body may do better on a lower protein intake, and after a trial run on the plan recommended by Habit for a few weeks I could see and feel an improvement in my overall health and performance. “

Jon A.


“I came to work here at Habit in large part because I wanted to learn about nutrition, lose weight and live a healthier life. When I’ve lost weight in the past it has been a struggle or a momenutal shift. Since February, when I got my Habit results and put them into action, I’ve been able to steadily lose weight without feeling like I had to adhere to a monontonous diet that had no diversity of flavor. I see progress week-over-week and it feels sustainable...And my legs finally look like legs again.“

Thierry A.


“For me, the meal plan serves two very important purposes 1. It really helps me establish the correct portion sizes and 2. It puts my specific protein, carb, fats, and vegetables into perspective…my perspective was way off before I had my results.“