This year, it’s time to make nutrition personal.

Let’s end the guesswork and dieting. Find out what foods are uniquely right for you.


Habit Core


DNA + Metabolism Test

Test your DNA and metabolism and receive your personalized nutrition plan.

Habit Core +
DNA Import


Metabolism Test +
Import your Ancestry or
23andMe DNA results

Import your genetic data from Ancestry or 23andMe, complete the Habit metabolic test, and receive your Personalized Nutrition Plan.

Discover personalized nutrition

Take the habit nutrition test

The convenient at-home Habit Nutrition Test Kit is a comprehensive nutrition test that looks at your DNA and your blood to determine how your body handles carbs, fat and protein. We also learn about your lifestyle and health goals.

Review your test results

Each area of your results has easy-to-understand explanations, from how you handle macros to insights into 60+ biomarkers, like those relating to heart health. You'll know right away where you're doing well and where you have opportunities to optimize your health with nutrition.

Get to know your nutrition plan

Our science-based recommendations take the guesswork out of eating so you can make confident food choices. We'll break down what your ideal meal looks like, highlight your hero foods and create personalized daily nutrient recommendations based on your biology, lifestyle and goals.

Success Stories

Kimberly D

"I've lost the weight I struggled with, I feel fitter and I'm getting the right fuel for my body every day."

Michelle H

"I've noticed that my clothes are looser on my body, I feel better. I noticed that I have more energy."

Mike M

"I noticed immediate improvements in energy levels and even found myself sleeping better."

We look at the whole you, not just one part

We take a holistic approach so you can have truly actionable results. It starts with our comprehensive science-backed testing.

Your dna is just the beginning

You are born with a unique genetic blueprint. Our partnered CLIA-certified lab analyzes those nutrition-related genetic markers. These markers lay the foundation for your results.

Your blood unlocks more of your story

Our unique metabolic challenge gives key insights into how your body handles fats, carbs, and protein through a time sequenced set of tests.

Your lifestyle & goals complete the picture

Your body metrics, lifestyle, dietary preferences, physical activity and goals complete the picture of you, and the results you want to achieve.

And then we connect all the dots

We look at the whole versus the sum of its parts. Why? Because you are complex, and so is nutrition. That's why we take a holistic approach. That's what makes us unique, and that's what we believe is true personalized nutrition.

Our Commitment

Habit is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date science-based recommendations. As the science evolves, so will your results and nutrition plan. We're committed to an ongoing relationship with you—so you always know how to feed the best version of you.