Since Viome®'s acquisition of Habit® and its brand Habit Food Personalized®, Viome and Habit researchers, nutritionists, and coaches have been diligently working on their plan to combine its personalized food and supplements recommendations based on insights from AI based Viome technology with Habit's unique custom nutrition solutions to offer the first "whole-body" approach to human health. The result is best personalized custom nutrition solutions that really work. Our solutions are now available for you to order.

Get a personalized nutrition plan based on your self-reported lab test values.

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Join over 300,000 people taking control of their health with Habit and Viome. Now you can too.

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Answer a few questions about your health

When it comes to getting the right food recommendations, don’t guess. Test! Habit Food Personalized® Viome tests analyze your blood and stool to generate personalized food recommendations and over 30 health insights based on your unique biology and gut microbiome.

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Get Your Results

Learn how your body handles carbs, fat, protein, and more. Know right away where you're doing well and where you have opportunities to optimize your health with nutrition.

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See your
Nutrition Plan

Try Viome Precision Supplements, Prebiotics + Probiotics, and Habit Food Personalized custom nutrition solutions that are formulated specially to optimize and restore your health.

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Follow your food and supplement recommendations for 4-6 months. Try out our nutrition need based meals hand-crafted by chefs, receive guidance from Habit Food Personalized coaches, and join our community of wellness-seekers for continued support

Habit Personalized Nutrition results

Better Together

Habit integrates with Amazon Fresh* to make grocery shopping easier and with Fitbit® products to create a more complete picture of you.

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Nutrition just got Personal.
Your body knows what it needs.

When your body's unique biology gets just the right food and supplements in the right amounts, something amazing happens - you thrive.

Get a personalized nutrition plan based on your Viome Health Intelligence™ or Gut Intelligence™ Test results. Your test results identify which food and nutrients personally suit you.

Our Habit Food Personalized custom nutrition solutions provide personalized food recommendations, health insights, and personalized Precision Supplements™ formulated just for you. Through our network of trusted partners, we deliver specific nutrition need based meals hand-crafted by chefs to your doorstep.

Our wellness coaches and dietitians will provide continued guidance that help you set goals, being accountable, and receive ongoing support. To facilitate your wellness journey, we also welcome you to our community of like-minded and like-bodied wellness-seekers with shared goals.

HabitSnacks Bar

HabitSnacks Bar is customized to fit your unique nutrition profile. The base for your bars, flavor and texture enhancers such as dried fruit, nuts & seeds, and other flavor options (like cinnamon, tea, cacao, or dark chocolate just to name a few), as well as the protein powder or flour that helps bind all of the base ingredients and flavors in your bars together are customized based on your unique test results.

HabitSnack Bars include as many of your Super Foods and Enjoys, without any of your Avoid foods. Most of the ingredients we offer are organically grown, because wellness and sustainability matter to us. HabitSnacks Bars are naturally gluten free.

Just try your box of HabitSnacks Bars to your cart, checkout, and leave the rest to us! If you are delighted with your bars, they can easily be reordered with only a single click.

Habit Food Personalized Gift Cards

Want to send someone a unique gift that nobody else has probably ever sent them before? Send the awesomely delicious gift of Habit Food Personalized Gift Card that they can use for custom meal orders or personalized test kits.

Send your recipient a digital Gift Card so they can order their personalized test kit and their own ready-to-eat customized meals that fit their nutrition profile. You choose the dollar value for your Gift Card in multiples of $100, then we'll send it to your recipient through email.

*Disclaimer: Habit® or its affiliates do not guarantee weight loss or other results or provide any medical advice. Habit and its affiliates take a comprehensive approach to wellness and weight loss that includes biology-based test results, food and lifestyle, recommendations, precision supplements, digital tools, community support, digital meal plans, recipes, and goal tracking. The results you achieve will depend on your individual goals and how you use this information.
The information provided by Habit and its affiliates is for informational and educational use only. The information, products, or any services offered herein are not intended to be used by the customers for any diagnostic purpose or as a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always seek the advice of your physician or other healthcare providers with any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition or impairment or the status of your health.
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